Commodity trading


Our traders’ goal is to maximize the value of our production, supply our refineries under the best market conditions and import/export products to match supply with demand in local markets. In addition, our team has the crucial responsibility of managing risks, in particular, to limit our exposure to sometimes extreme price fluctuations.

Thanks to our expertise and experience in commodity markets, we have developed daily monitoring and decision-support tools at the cutting-edge of trading. Our traders enjoy a global view of real-time flows, price indices and segment information, around the clock. As a result, we can respond to the developments with the agility needed to maximize the value of our own assets and those of our customers.


The main idea of our Logistics is a cross trading. When cargo is moved between place of origin and destination without entering the country of the shipper’s registration – it is commonly referred to as cross trading based on the Sea Shipping. As far as every product ever made, bought, or sold has been affected by shipping, despite the many variables in shipped products and locations, there are only three basic types of shipments: Land, Air, and Sea. Where Global Commodities and Logistics Limited believes that Sea and Multimodal shipping can be cheaper and less restrictive to size, quality, weight, and type of freight than air or land shipping.

We have dedicated teams of specialists, experienced in all aspects of cross trades shipping and logistic to enable clients to ship cargo directly from any origin to any destination, whilst maintaining a local contact.

Our cross trades teams support our full range of freight services and provide a comprehensive service that includes competitive pricing, securing bookings, documentation handling and cargo financing arrangements.

Global Commodities and Logistics Limited is a flexible, compatible and knowledgeable logistics service provider.

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